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 The madness that is Highlander.
It often catches fans unaware as they day dream about living forever.. And its only when you follow that roll to evolve upon it do you truly understand that unending pain as the world changes all around you.. and changes for the worst...

So fast that its probably a harder choice to go on.. than it is to take a head in combat....

Upon the pages of the blog is TheWraith517's Idea how how it should of been and how it couldn't of been...

TheWraith517 as Markus Sabian

As a video editor, well known for Airwolf and GTA
(Airwolf vs FireFox, Airwolf vs KnightRider,  many others)  

I was well aware of video editing capabilities on zero money.  

A mate had an idea, so off he went to do it with a really bad Premier 6000 Camera, the results were awful, 320x240, but the idea was interesting enough for me to stick my nose in.. 

Next thing im sword fighting in the woods..
with a highlander fan who was initially so blinded by stardom prospects while slamming away in a video editor with what felt like a hammer while wearing a blind fold.

He failed to see the forest for the trees.

Mark Jason Jones as Duncan MacLeod

The eagerness of the director to get stuff on line meant many fans soon got board of cut after cut after cut, So i stepped back and looked at what we had (people, locations) and hit upon the idea of making it more than just a  "You Killed Him.. So Im Gona Kill You"  and attempted to bring this idea into the realms of a Movie, rather than just a argument & a sword fight.

So while still trying to perfect video effects (for quickenings)
which was a nightmare trying to find, learn then teach....

I hit on the idea of a car park scene.. we were fighting and his brother was filming.. his brother = a 3rd person, an opportunity to go behind the cam and get an additional scene with a whole new character. This to me was a massive leap in the movies credibility to be watch-able feature, and come across as more than just a daft youtube video like most people where making back then.  This thing was now unfolding fast.. But also had friendships Unraveling fast to....

Stephen Mainwaring as Josh The Watcher

My attitude towards this movie was.. it's yours.. but you do it right or i walk away.  As a massive highlander fan my self, and a stack of projects i already had to work on, i had better things to concern my self with than looking awesome on cam with a sword and i forced that issue until the project was taken seriously.

That meant this was no longer just a "Look At Us" messing about any more... It was a lets get serious and make a tribute kinda movie, lets unravel a better plot than Highlander Endgame (highlander 4)

So began the Evolution of this basic Highlander Rogue Warrior into The Darkness Within....
The ONLY way I ever saw Duncan taking out Connor...

This opened the floodgates for ideas but again stretched friendships to the point of breaking.

With the first movie in tatters (due to the cheep camera originally used) other stuff was re-shot, re-shaped and re-edited, from a Samsung Digimax D73 supporting 640x480, But Again.. at such a "lets get it out their" pace, that it all started to fall apart again. While the director wants to push ahead with number 2, i was still arguing and pushing about number 1, and my opinion at the time was scrap one.. take the best parts and do 2 as a longer movie encapsulating the best parts from 1.  Originally that got the reply of no.. lets just re-film no1 from scratch.. my reply... fk that...  RW1 was a dead duck, its premise sat on a plot from highlander 4 which i didn't like that plot even when their portrayal of it had cash behind it and the REAL Actors we love...
Marks final edit did become 1 movie from them all...  I am generally right, just takes 7 years to get through to some people doesn't it...

So while we blundered along with number 2, the apparent main director/editor of number 1 at the time just kept hacking away at it, while not paying enough attention to the number 2 and its plot holes. Its just up here, its just over that hill, its just up, down, left, right, somewhere or another...   Many arguments on set and off set were had until ideas were hammered on set rather than in the editor and it began to take shape, but the bickering still went on and i struggled along to stay mellow and attempt to keep the dam thing on track.

Robert Mainwaring as Mathias King

The director brought another of his brothers in on the movie who was much more flexible to both of us (stephen tended to side with mark on most occasions, and we spent many days RE-SHOOTING them apparent perfect takes i bitched about On The Day and At the Location)

Rob however brought an inspiring attitude to the set, very versatile imagination & the bad guy looks the role needed. He was a life saver on this and probably doesn't even no them days kept me going on that film set ROFL
Some of robs lines were cut from a couple of edits and i was furious about it.. someone defo realized the bad guy has more fun and better lines, them edits annoyed the hell outa me. them lines were later put back in after much nagging from me..

"You Don't Turn Your Back On My Kind"
"Go Fk Ya Self McLeod You Got No Chance The prize Is Mine"

My favourite scene is actually the end of the 3rd movie, although i hated the 3rd film more than any of them, the final conversation between Josh and Duncan i loved so much. And its the best idea "I" ever had... and its the most massive change ide been able to make and the end we all probably ended up preferring.

So lost by the 3rd film, the director wanted to do something during the Eclipse like bring back Mathias
 (I had the Highlander II Horrors right away)
Bringing him back because it appears he's really Duncan's brother... I said  WTF...
I said look, even if i let this (he's got a brother slide past my own head)
what are you gona do.. bring him back?, then what? he kills Josh?
so then you kill mathias again?  are you fkn kiddin me?

I said look back at what the watchers have done, look at what the world had become in the movie, look deep into duncans tired and pained ancient eyes... Duncan is a warrior, the time for fighting is over, their is no one left to protect.. the world needs rebuilding and josh can't do that while he's an immortal being chased by the watchers.. scrap this Highalnder II crap and end it.. Its josh.. he has to be the one... that's an argument i won and for the fans out their.. that is the noble & humble ending our hero has...

The ORIGINAL Story Board Book

The 3 movies still pain me today, in all of their various edits and releases, and most of its not even out their for fans to enjoy any more due to YouTube video bans on music & footage used.. 

And the fact the franchise is owned by someone else, it's always seamed a waste of time even working on it since Google bought youtube and everything changed on uploading videos.

So i shall lay down how and what it was... 
And what and how it became... 
What it did over the years as i argued away with the original director to STAY faithful to Highlander. 

To stay faithful to our highlander hero's and how the plot truly captured the movies and series characters and gave us a much better ending than End Game and The Source..

Markus Sabian Promo Photo

My first look at this movie was a video shot by the leads brother, standing their having a fictitious conversation with Connor in that cemetery from end game, cutting back and forth between his clips and h4, then in steps kell & then the lead fights with me in the woods.  I just couldn't do it, besides the fact ide seen enough videos banned to no that wont go down well, it was an awful idea (a youtube idea) So i hit him with just make a movie and he was so game for that, but yet oblivious of the depth and direction it was going to take us all.

While still trying to pull him away from end game re-making and into end game re-writing i worked on some lap top sequences for a possible watcher meeting, in a local car park.
The transitions and the day went really well.  The car park laptop scene then set up a following scene looking for the watchers phone at croxteth park. This was mostly footage mark had already shot whilst looking for connor, this footage later became used as looking for the watcher and finding the phone.

A Random Page From the Book

As filming went on effect testing improved, when i figured out compositing the end of Rogue Warrior 1 dramatically changed all our views on the underline potential.
Ber in mind only batteries and petrol were going into this film, we had no money and a Samsung D73 to shoot it with. 
So i got mark up to speed on sonic foundrys vegas video 4 and particle illusion.
But before that day i was handing him some of the worst effects ide ever seen, let alone made. He used em pretty well in the first 3/4 edits of RW1 before i figured out the composites.

Initially ide gave him sprayed lines in Photoshop 7, On transparent back grounds and showed how to overlay and then provided zNote glow to give them more life.
Later came compositing animated lightning
along with ArtBeats smoke/fog and HD MOV stuff. 

A Random Page From the Book

As a team we worked well at times, and at other times it was horrific, Im argumentative and he was bad tempered, but fans need to remember working on a project like this, tryna live up to it, isn't simple. We also both had a lot going on in private lives at the time to. So most our early days were pretty bad days. I got a stack of bad memories from these movies, Yet some really great memories to.. was it all worth it...?
Well that depends on how many fans actually enjoy what we tried to accomplish, even though i still feel the whole storys not been told, i think without hardware and room for hardware & time, that it never really will be.

So i guess i will now run down on how the "you killed him, so im killin you" turned into one of the most complicated stories ever made, with no access to the original cast, crew or locations.

A Random Page From the Book

Some might say im a nightmare to work with, because i question everything, I second guess everything, i go into everything.. while building 5 exits from it... 

Others would say i am so on the ball with what's going on that projects i work on are epic as hell & should be honored to have me onboard..
But to me, im just a Jack of all trades and master of none... and its how ide rather be, do something i no i can and avoid something i no i can't .

What i couldn't avoid?
What got my fkn goat about End Game?

Duncan needs Connors quickening to be able to beat kell?
Like.. WTF...
Erm.. sorry but Noooooo

Wraith & Jones Promo Photo

We have kell bullying connor and killing people, wearing probably blessed crosses in his boot heals, so taking his head is probably kinda no no with the holy ground, who knows right.. But end game for me died with the speech about how many kills kells had and connors sacrifice, simply because of dark quickenings..

So i looked deep into all my own memory's of watching the movies and the series and this is how i wanted to lay it all down...

WARNING SPOILERS for Highlander Rogue Warrior & End Game

Duncan, being the hot headed boy scout he always is, pops off one night to talk to kell..
but kell says no... so duncan forces the issue.. and kills kell....  agreed?

Duncan now goes DARK  (and this also means Connor, is still alive)

When duncan goes dark, the first thing he does is kill the watcher who just documented that fight, then he goes missing (this leaves all kinds of things open for us IF we'd of had more of a cast)

The movie sets out with Duncan looking to find who killed Connor,  you thought connor was alive?
this is Highlander,, flashbacks happen here..  The movie kicks off with Duncan lookin for connor, see connor Did sacrifice him self to duncan.. but apparently to clear out the dark quickening..Not make him stronger...    just as plausible as killing kell and NOT having a dark quickening right?  lmfao

So duncan has no idea he killed connor (and we can then start flashing back to visions before the darkness within "que title plug" was purged by connors quickening) We can also assume it failed and every now and then, duncans mood swings make him a totally different person, although with connor inside.. a battle rages to maintain control, so we still have duncan and our bad guy interchanging, only the 2 are one  ;)

 See why it was so hard to work on yet?
ooo it gets much complex as it goes on to...

Jones Promo Photo

So duncan (now occasionally Sabian and a few others) gets into a sanctuary based on holy ground and whacks about 15 immortals.. this apparently sends energy through the iron ore in the earth, maybe its not specifically holly ground, but the material a church is made from, and the location in which it is built? (stone henge bla bla go away, we could only shoot in the wilderness and had no extras "que end of world" lmao)

So the impending disaster is a gradual one, and the release of energy in the church has also given duncan more of him self back, which he rings joe the next day to ask what's going on "que illegal use of footage and audio of joe on the phone in the bar"  This is were he sends josh to meet duncan in the car park, they have no idea how it happened because apparently Duncan and Kell fought, yet only Markus Sabian walked out....

Wraith Promo Photo

Over time when Duncan had realised as he became stronger through meditation that Markus was an illusion, a projected personality, one of the people duncan had become. He tried to battle him in his mind (kinda like in the series) but the lesson he learnt trying to vanquish sabian was that he alone destroyed the world...

Duncan killed billions by simply by going after kell, killing him and going dark.
Its Duncans fault the world has ended, its Duncans fault that Connor is dead..  and not only that... it was Kell & Grayson who where alternating control when the Immortals were slain on holy ground....

So if sabian isn't the bad guy, then who is he?
And what was sabian doing when he was in control?
Does duncan look different in our movie because... simply...
 Absorbing Connor gave him the power of illusion & part of him is hiding his true image...
 Hiding it from the remaining Watchers and Hunters?
an embarrassment living out his immortality helping the odd few humans who survived the earth's wrath
...or because we simply just couldn't afford Adrian Paul  :P

Duncan  & Mathias

The watchers are the only power left on earth, they were the only ones prepared for this, they have resources, they also have plans, one of them has some of sabians original research into quickening's from 100's of years ago, not only a theory to extract a quickening but also to infuse one...

Could there be a peaceful way to end the game?
Could there be a way to make someone immortal?
Could you do it to cure, and then remove it, would that even work?

Sabians idea, loose in modern day (before the holy ground incident)  "que illegally used footage of Adrian Paul in "Tracker"  extracting alien life forms from humans with a hand device & storing them in a container"
not seen it? watch it... that was markus

Just how fkn complex is this you killed him.. so im gona kill you actually gona get?..
Yip.. and i never had to work from a script, and i fixed many massive holes from the other guys scripted bits right on set.. giz a job..  lmfao

Still from My Music Song/Video

So initially the whole idea begins before the disaster, its flashing back to nightmares (these so called nightmare are days he lived as other people, buried memory's) and forward we roll into the disaster, now we are flashing back and flashing back further, dealing with 3 time streams in the past.. the Many Evil Duncans, Real Duncans AND Sabians, all these flash backs unlocking moments, Unravelling what's happened and the current time stream of now being in the bleak present after the disasters, making 4 zones that need winging and keeping track of. now its a really impressive story, its filling in holes in things we knew of and expanding on them within our imagination.

Why did the rumored  Pompeii  quickening not end the world?
Well.. maybe it was a rumor.. or maybe its own disaster cut it off from the line it needed to connect to other locations around the world before it had chance.. a fault line (or under water stream as a conduit) that was to unstable to carry the quickening energy.. imagination :D

So no fighting on holly ground?  well its not all locations (as far as im concerned)  Its specific locations, central harmonic points on the earth, where religions built places of worship on powerful spots, was this for a dark group to harness the power of electricity and magnetism.. or to stop scientists learning about it and adapting it, did the church hold the human race back for centuries?  wait.. don't they still do that now?
Could a quickening in the right place alter the earth, maybe even stop it spinning, or alter its orbit with the sun?  this isn't science fiction.. its science...

Random demo cover of  bonny portmore  by me : /

To Be Continued...

pop back soon and please follow the blog...


  1. Just finished watching them 2 interviews on youtube and WOW
    showed just how much you threw into this bob & it showed just how little mark appeared to know about the film.

    I love how he uses the term "WE" a lot when describing things you just reminded him of. Must of been hard trying to improvise and keep track of everything going on with someone so empty headed & pushy, I couldn't believe how pushy he was till i saw him in that behind the scenes head shot video from your other film, hes ranting like a very angry man in that, and its his own brother. So god knows how bad he must of treated you.

    1. He did mellow out a little over time, but that never stopped him trying to take control of the Target Assassin movie on set. In the end i just Copyrighted it to avoid another stack of edits of the dam thing once he realized i had plans for it. Don't get me wrong though, the Highlander stuff was a joint venture, although i did put much more into it (on set writing & directing to which he listed me first and then him self for directing, so he did realize that by the final edit) But the film its self was his. Just a shame many days got wasted because i just filmed and said nothing & most of that was binned after a number of edits anyway. These days im a lot more strict on certain matters, if i am the director then you do it my way or you walk. I have no issues a cast being creative & productive, if their ideas better i'll work with it to, but if i say shoot it "both ways" then they do, or their sacked. Today i am done working with bullsh*t clips that take 6 months for the other asshole to realize they were sh*t and then they use my clip (idea) instead of theirs.. Especially when i had to argue to get that clip in the first place.

      That was the number ONE annoyance, I get NO THE CLIP IS FINE.. so i argue to get it shot a different way, the line said a different way or different view point, and were arguing like fkn children just to get a clip shot, then mines later used anyway (that truly truly p*ssed me off) And frankly it still does because it damaged the creative vibe and the mood on set, it made it harder to concentrate, which in turn made it harder for him to edit because lots of it was crap (but that was down to him) all he had to do was 2 takes once in a while and that's it. By the mid way point of RW2 he should of learnt my clips with dialog always surpassed his, and they did this because the dialog before it and after it was also generally mine in most places, ide improvise a line, hear him say it and think no.. say this instead & that is were the "no that'll do" came in, so im meant to follow that (which i already think is crap) with something else, so im writing, filming, directing, yet can't step back one clip to have a phrase re-worded, that quite frankly was bulling and using me & also rushing me to produce a movie "in real time" and the dialog all goes to sh*t
      Some days were a total nightmare.. I hope he sees that and changes 100%

      Apparently these days he says he has NO time for filming anything, how true that is remains to be seen as ive yet to ask, but if i need anything recording for the final target assassin ide expect him to just as a thanks for all the bullsh*t ive put up with (and ide expect him NOT to come out with another edit just because i am) because ive only done ONE draft cut to this day and the TA movies mine.

      But i guess we'll see.. check back soon as i have more artwork and clips to post, along with other secrets and storys from the set (also for the Target Assassin Blog To)

      i guess i'll be less bitter if i ever get an apology that sounded actually genuine to my ears lmfao

  2. I got to say he is right on the whole review i was everywhere i was bad tempered but under stress of filming and dealing with private issues. Robert goodwin is a nightmare to work with a lot of the time but hell had some amazing ideas. There was even a huge finale that had a script but in the end was just winged. Applause for him to word the scene in such a way. But still an amazing film and time well spent ( i think lol ) friendships did break due to all the stress and personal stuff outside the ring of fame. But the memories of the filming still run deep and i do krave a 4th as was never happy with the ending. But a true review lay before you

    1. A movie full of pain thats for sure. ya no theirs two PSR-550 keyboards on gumtree (the one you've been tryna replace for around 13 years) as they are rare as fk and never appear on eBay you might wana have a nose before they get snapped up. You won't believe this... but cash generator only went an fkd up 2 weeks ago.. and sold a PSR-550 for £29.99 ROFL